Brother Rolls '64 Tells us that Leadership is the Key to His Success

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John Rolls

Thanks John Rolls ’64 for sharing his story with us.

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta over other fraternities?

I liked the guys and the ambience.

What has been your fondest memory of Phi Delta Theta?

Becoming an active.


What role does leadership play in a man’s life?

In my life it has been the making of my career.


How did Phi Delta Theta help prepare you for success in your career?

Respect for your superiors, peers and subordinates

What have you been doing lately?

I am CFO of Monsanto Europe, Brussels, Belgium.  My wife of 46 years Betsy and I have two sons: Jason, a transplant surgeon; and Michael, a businessman. I was recently elected Board Chairman of Fuel Cell Energy; am treasurer of Monsanto, St. Louis;  CFO RCA New York; CFO United Technologies, Hartford, CT;  CEO Deutsche Bank North America New York. I am also a pilot and enjoy flying a Cessna 310, Aerovochody L39 Russian jet trainer. I also fly helicopters and like scuba diving and antique cars, including the 1939 LaSalle I drove in college. My family enjoys visiting our homes on Harbour Island, Bahamas, and Martha's Vineyard, Mass.