To the Somebodies Like You…

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"I wondered why somebody didn't do something. Then, I realized, I am somebody." Does it matter who said it? No. What matters is that we have those "somebodies" who have chosen to give to our Annual Fund for the very first time this month.

So, thank you to:

David M. Campbell '53
Clark B. Morgan '62
Carl P. Hirsch '64
John W. Hafner '77
Jay K. Achenbach '78
Daniel Wajahn '78
James Casciani '79
David Hickey '82
Rodger Redd '86
Glen Alban '87
Fritz Wink '89
James Hill '92
Andrew Laymon '00
Brett R. VanBourgondien '07

CLICK HERE if you are interested in making your first-time gift. We are brothers, after all.