Gifts Fit For A Buckeye

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Looking for a holiday gift for any of your brothers at Ohio State? Here are some helpful suggestions of stuff to get in the area and stuff to get online...

Buckeye Donuts:

Located on the corner of 18th and High Street, Buckeye Donuts has been serving the people of Columbus beautiful, glazy, soft donuts since 1969. Their motto “ALWAYS OPEN, CLOSED NEVER,” has kept this donut shop and morning breakfast joint thriving.

They are also home of the famous Buckeye Donut, which, as it should come as no surprise, is covered in chocolate icing with a peanut butter iced center. And their prices are cheap, too. Not to mention they’ve also been paid visits by Woody Hayes, Prince, and Allen Ginsburg.

You can always visit their address at the corner of 18th and High Street. Ordering online is available, and gift cards are available in house. If you need an office gift, or if you just want to get one of your brothers some iconic donuts, this is the place to go. Check them out here.

Eddie George’s Grille 27

Football player Eddie George, along with a team of restraunteurs opened up Eddie George’s Grille 27 in February of 2006. If you have not been there yet, there is really good food, good drink, in an upscale sports bar atmosphere.

With many dishes like a short rib and ground chuck mixed burger, pomegranate salmon, and twice grilled burritos, delight is only a spoonful away at Eddie George’s Grille 27.

They also have gift cards, perfect for any sports fan who you may or may not owe a beer to for a bet that you lost in 1965. Check the place out here.

The Buckeye Corner

Maybe you have relatives that just want some Ohio State University gear! Just check out the Buckeye Corner online! There are many deals available for all sorts of gear and Ohio State stuff! Nothing can take away from the smile of your favorite sports fan opening up his or her gift box and seeing the scarlet and grey of Ohio State.

See all the available gear here!

Athletic Tickets

Grab some tickets for one of your brothers, one of your kids, one of your friends, one of your relatives, whoever! There’s no athletics program in the nation better than Ohio State. All sorts of tickets are available and are always a welcome gift for the holidays!

 Check schedules and get tickets right here.

Have a wonderful holiday season! Think Ohio State when you think gift!