Thank You for Our 60% in 4 Months!

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For many of us, the holidays come, and our lists of gifts to buy for others grows and grows … spouse, children, other family members, teachers, co-workers. The yard guy, postal worker and sanitation engineers might even make the list. And, certainly, the act of giving is one of the best parts of the season. So, thank you to those who added Phi Delta Theta at Ohio State to your list. We would especially like to thank those 12 brothers who made a first-time investment in something that ensures the future of our Ohio Zeta brotherhood:

David M. Campbell '53
Clark B. Morgan '62
Howard L. Lambert '63
Carl P. Hirsch '64
John W. Hafner '77
Jay K. Achenbach '78
David Hickey '82
Rodger Redd '86
Glen Alban '87
Fritz Wink '89
James Hill '92
Brett R. VanBourgondien '07

Now is your chance. Invest in our mission to give our Ohio Zeta undergraduates a better future. Help them become contributing members of our communities. Make the same investment that others made for us when we were at Ohio State. And help us strengthen our alumni base by supporting upcoming events and communications that keep us connected when it means the most. You can do all of these things by contributing to our annual fund this year.

Our goal is 120 donors this giving year. Since that kickoff of our giving year on September 1, 2014, 69 alumni brothers have stepped forward to make this important investment in our annual fund. Click here to see their names. That is 60% of our goal. Help us close the gap. Click here to make your gift today.