10 of the Best Ohio Zeta Pics Ever Taken?

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Below is a collection of 10 of some of the best Ohio Zeta photos ever taken. Or are they? Every single one of them has a great story behind it. If you know the story, leave it in the comment box below. And send us your own top Phi Delta Theta UNC photos (especially those from recent decades) to share by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you have comments, please leave them in the box below.

In the Beginning …

Ohio Zeta brothers in 1896. From the Scarlet & Gray yearbook.

There’s Always That One Guy

Ohio Zeta 1921, courtesy of the Makio.

The Game

This image of the “little brown church” from 1941 shows a positive outcome for the Buckeyes that year in The Game.

Phi Delta Theta, We’ll Always Be True

In this photo from the 1952 Makio, “brothers brush up on a few songs in the Bohemian Room atmosphere.”

Gold Diggers

Gold Digger's Bill Gibbs ’64 and (12) Phi Brothers

Where Are They Now?

Greek Week 1971. Who has the story?

At the Fashion Forefront in the ’70s!

This stylish group (1973 pledge class) was clearly at the forefront of the fashion movement of the ’70s.

It’s Coming Down

Fans, including one of our own Ohio Zeta brother, Mark Oliver ’77, “tear down the goal posts in Ohio Stadium after Ohio State’s 12-10 victory over Michigan in 1974.

Greek Week

1976 Greek Week tricycle race. We won!

We’re All Kids at Heart

Phi Delta Theta brothers partnered with Pi Beta Theta during the 1987 Greek Week. Their Donald Duck booth was a big hit with the kids.