Thank You to Our First 27!

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This fall, 27 of our Ohio Zeta alumni have stepped forward to be first in making their contributions to our 2015-16 Annual Fund, and the brothers from the ’60s and ’70s are in the lead. Thank you to those brothers for being first out of the gate in supporting our Central Ohio Alumni Association and all that we do to keep alumni connected and support our actives.

CLICK HERE to make your gift today. CLICK HERE to see the full Honor Roll for 2015-16.

The names listed below represent gifts made in September 2015, the first month of our 2015-16 Annual Fund giving year.


Paul Warnick ’27


Richard Desmond ’50

Richard Secrist ’50

A. Smith ’52

Philip Brewer ’58


David Howe ’62

Robert Liggett ’62

Glenn Baker ’63

Nelson Embrey ’63

John Schoedinger ’64

Randy Thrasher ’64

Jerry Hainen ’65

Jay Lee ’68


Patrick Hylant ’70

Patrick Fahey ’71

G. Gano ’73

Charles Hendrickson ’73

J. Mullen ’76

Jay Achenbach ’78

Marcus Presar ’79


Jeffrey Dahl ’82

Darren Hissong ’84

David Lickovitch ’84

Steven Julian ’89

David Ross ’89


Shannon Shinaberry ’91

John Urbancic ’92