“Phi Delta Theta Gave Me That Plus a Lifetime of the Best Friends a Man Could Ever Ask For”

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We recently asked each of you to take a minute or two to take a brief survey about how Phi Delta Theta OSU made you the man you are today. We got some great answers, so thank you to those of you who participated! Here’s what your brothers had to say when asked “How do Phi Delt’s core values play a role in your life today?”

“I believe that they helped me make the success that I achieved, as a husband, father, business man, and community leader.”
-George Johnson ’56

“A reinforcement of what I was taught as a child growing up.”
-Mark Reissig ’77

“Every single day of my life was impacted by my membership in PDT. The strong feeling of true brotherhood led me to begin a journey where I learned to trust others. More importantly, I learned to trust myself. Because others believed in me, my confidence grew and all my leadership qualities began to come out.

If you can stand in front of a room full of fraternity brothers, command their attention, sway them to your point of view and get them to buy into what you are trying to accomplish...you will gain a valuable tool no matter what endeavor you choose to make a living. Membership in Phi Delta Theta gave me that, plus a lifetime of the best friends a man could ever ask for.”
-James McKnight ’72

If you haven’t shared how PDT made you the man you are today, you can take our survey here or submit your answer in the Facebook comment box below.