Chapter House Improvements and Repairs—Summer 2016

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The House Corporation has planned for a number of improvements to be made this coming summer to maintain a safe and refreshed facility.  The most significant items to be addressed include replacement of individual room doors and hallway fire doors, window repairs, dining room ceiling replacement, hallway and dining room lighting replacement, flooring repairs and parking lot repairs. These improvements, along with the recent renovation of the living room and outdoor patio area coordinated by the Chapter, are necessary to render a facility that will meet the core standards for OSU approved housing. Beginning with the 2016 fall semester, sophomore and freshman students must live in either university dorms or approved fraternity and sorority houses. It is of the utmost importance that we meet these standards as quickly as possible.

We have worked closely with the active Chapter, General Headquarters and University housing representatives during the planning process.  The cost for the work will be approximately $100K, which is being funded by a loan from the fraternity’s Palmer Fund. The Chapter is excited about the planned changes and we expect these improvements and repairs will help support the Chapter facility needs for the next several years.

Any support that you can provide to the chapter for these necessary improvements is greatly appreciated.  We currently are in position to contribute approximately $10,000 to the project from the Alumni Association, which comes directly from your contributions.  To make a donation, simply contribute as you have in the past to the Alumni Association, and funds will be directed to the project.

Longer term, subsequent improvements will be necessary to maintain a facility comparable to University and competing fraternity facilities.  Consequently, within the next few years we will initiate a master planning process soliciting input from all alumni to determine the best path forward and to mobilize efforts to that end.  We believe that will likely result in the need to fund a major renovation/rebuild effort in the 2020-2021 time frame.  More to come about that, but for now, we are very pleased with the planned improvements for this Summer.  Stop by next Fall to see the updates.     

Thanks so much for your continued support of the Alumni Association.  It is vital to having a healthy and thriving Fraternity Organization. 


Bruce Rothermund ’90
President, The Central Ohio Alumni Association