What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

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College—those were the days! Eighteen and graduating from high school, we thought we knew everything. You know what they say..."A lot of 18-year-olds are like old men. They think they've seen everything." And to an extent, it’s true.

Looking back, however, is there anything you would have done differently? Anything you wanted to do, but never did? What are you up to now? Here’s what your brothers had to say:

Rick Sturgeon ’74
Put 25% of what you make away as an unbreakable rule from day one and you will be rich when you retire. 

Chris Zazo ’91 (pictured left)
My update: In addition to my main businesses in the roofing and customer experience software industries.  I have expanded into the wine business in Napa Valley.  Our brands include Hailstone Vineyards and G Wine Cellars.  Both brands are small boutique wineries with local sourcing from some of the best vineyards in the valley.  We have a tasting room in downtown Napa called The Wine Thief, so please stop by and say hello! I also own a two BR condo in Yountville, which is available to PDT brothers for a reduced fee!  Please feel free to contact me for info at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website hailstonevineyards.com and Gwine cellars.com

I'm still living in Dallas - if you come through drop me a line! 

William Bing ’67
Take care of yourself when you’re young, you don't know how old you will get.

Married to Patty-I have one son from previous marriage and two grandchildren in Kentucky.  Patty has two sons and six grandchildren living not far from us.  I love hunting, walking in my woods and my black Labradors. Retired.

Clark Berry ’61
Do not graduate college with any debt, even if it takes you longer to graduate.

Larry Curtis ’66
Regardless of what profession you choose, spend time while you are young learning to invest.   Begin saving and investing early and on a regular schedule.   Discipline your spending by planning and setting aside your good times and vacation money.   Every 10 years sit down and make a full honest assessment of where you are on the road to achieving your goals.  Make adjustments in your plans.

Take every opportunity to visit the U.S. National Parks.  They are astonishing.

What advice would you give your younger self? Click here to submit yours!