Thank You for Your Service

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Ohio Zeta Chapter would like to thank the following brothers for their service:

Maj. Robert Anderson,
USMC Communications Officer
Sean Carano, USMC Communications Officer
Zachary Eppert,
Maj. Robert Gaddis,
Stuart Kincaid,
General Maurice Padden,
Wilson Porter,
USN Pilot
Todd White,
SSG Tom Oswald, USAR
LTJG Scott Greene, USN

Maj. Sean Carano, USMC
"I have served on active duty in the USMC since graduating from Ohio State in June '02. I am currently assigned to Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) at Camp Lejeune, NC. In 14 years of service, I have deployed to the following countries: Iraq (Nov. '04-Apr. '05, Apr. '06-Sept. '06), Afghanistan (Jan-May '09), Bahrain (Sept. '13-Mar. '14) and Jordan (Feb. 16-Present)."

John J. Zettler, USAF Europe                                             
“I was an airman with the 7121 Tactical Fighter Squadron stationed in Northern France during the Berlin Crisis in 1961-1962. We were deployed to Wheeler AFB in Libya for gunnery during this period. I was an armor on an alert crew. We armed and maintained weapon systems on F84F Thunderstreaks fighter planes of the 166 Tactical Fighter Squadron.”

Randy Thrasher, USN
“I served as an officer in the USNavy from Aug. 1964 to Aug. 1967 on the USS Tulare AKA 112 home ported in San Diego.”

Michard McCabe, Army
“I spent two years in the army during the Korean war.  For most of my tour of duty I was a corporal and was stationed at the Port of Embarkation in New Orleans.”

1st Lt. Chuck Miller, Army
“Due to a low lottery number, I participated in ROTC during college. After graduating from OSU in June of ’71, I served for two years which was during the Vietnam War era. I was fortunate to have fulfilled my obligation here in the states. Since leaving the military, I have made my home in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

If you are a member of the armed forces but are not on this list, or if your information is not up-to-date, please click here to let us know!