43 Years of Homecoming Memories

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(L-R) Pat Fahey ’71, Mike Kollar ’71, Tom Oswald ’71, Bob Sallade ’72, Dave Phillips ’71, Greg West ’72, Tom Panek ’69, Tom Swain ’71  

Homecoming is the perfect time to come back to Columbus, watch some great football and catch up with your brothers. We just celebrated Homecoming and a huge Buckeye victory (58-0) on October 1. Even more impressive than that incredible football score, though, is the brotherly bond and dedication of a group of Ohio Zeta alumni who have been coming together to celebrate for the last 43 years.

Tom Oswald, Tom Panek and others started having dinner together to celebrate Homecoming approximately 43 years ago. Since then, the group has grown slightly, but most of the members have remained constant over the years. Each year, someone else is in charge of organizing the Saturday night dinner following the football game.

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