Robert Laughhunn ’74: Football Championship and Toga Parties

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"I joined Ohio Zeta because several baseball players were Phi Delts and I stayed there prior to my pledging because I played at OSU and had to arrive early before school started my freshman year. On a typical weeknight, I could be found studying, playing baseball or visiting my girlfriend (now wife).

There were about 10 members in my pledge class. My favorite memories are playing intramural sports for PDT, especially the football championship inside the "SHOE". I also loved the toga parties! I try to keep in touch with a few brothers, and my son is a legacy. He is a microbiologist and visits labs in Paris, Seattle, Australia, Tahiti, etc. We only get to see each other twice a year for a few days, but we talk weekly by phone. We’ve always been close, but I’m glad he got to experience fraternity life like I did.

PDT made me an outgoing person, which helped my career with General Motors, Johnson Controls and TRW. I play as much golf as possible and have season tickets (Varsity O) for football. My wife was the dream girl for 1974. We have been married for 42 years and have two great kids.

I'm retiring at the end of the year and my wife will teach this school year (1st grade) before also retiring. We already have tickets for next year's PGA in Charlotte and the U.S. Open in Wisconsin. We plan on attending the Ryder Cup in Paris in two years as well. We've been to the Masters in Augusta, so that only leaves the British Open on our bucket list."

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