This Alum Has No Shortage of Ties to Phi Delta Theta

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Brian Lewis ’78 has ties to Phi Delta Theta everywhere he looks. He was lucky enough to have met his wife through Ohio Zeta Chapter in 1977, has a younger brother who also pledged Ohio Zeta, and currently works alongside a fellow Phi Delt.

“I met my wife, Kim, at a Phi Delta Theta-Kappa Gamma party in Feb. 1977. Of course, there was no alcohol at the parties back then. I knew some of her sorority sisters from high school, so we were talking and then I noticed Kim and I asked my friend 'who is that?' and they introduced us. We dated throughout the spring and she graduated that year. She lived in Colorado Springs for a year and then came back to central Ohio. We married in 1983—I didn’t rush into anything—and now we have two daughters who went to Ohio University and are now married. Yes, I did have a fellow Phi Delt in my wedding—Henry Montgomery, Bowling Green State University, Dublin High School.

After transferring from Bowling Green, which is where I pledged Phi Delt, I transferred to OSU. I ran into a high school classmate, Jim Green, who was also a Phi Delt at OSU. Jim invited me to the house and it seemed like a good fit, so I affiliated with OSU Chapter.  

Jim’s roommate at the time was Keith Davis, who was a couple of years older, so I only knew him briefly in college. Keith and I ended up in the same industry, and now we work together at Ricoh USA, in Worthington, Ohio. Gregg Rothermund ’78, also an OSU Phi Delt, is my insurance agent.

My younger brother, Gregg Lewis ’88, is an Ohio Zeta brother as well. He practices Law in Columbus, Ohio."