Kent Flaherty ’78: “Phi Delta Theta taught me to be a better person…”

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Kent Flaherty ’78 chose Phi Delta Theta over a number of other fraternities thanks to a few high school friends that encouraged him to join. Of course, the chapter’s good reputation on campus had a hand in his decision as well. Looking back, Kent can’t deny that the experiences he had in the house truly shaped him into the man he is today, and now he pays tribute to those experiences by supporting the chapter when he’s able.

“Being a brother in Phi Delta Theta has taught me to be a better person in life’s long paths of events – whether they are good or bad,” he says. “I felt that it was time to give something, specifically money, back to the fraternity. My experience there had a great impact on my life, along with some really great memories.”

Today he remains in contact with several brothers through social media and in gatherings held in his current home state of Arizona.

Anyone who remembers Kent knows he was a big fan of sports. In fact, during his undergrad days, Kent fondly recalls being part of the championship intramural soccer team with his brothers.

“I have great memories of playing in that league,” he says. “There is still a trophy at the house that bears our names and accomplishment.”

While he’s no longer part of the collegiate sporting world, Kent continues to stay active as a certified snowboard instructor a few months out of each year, citing Arizona as an ideal location for winter sports.

“Not too many folks realize that northern Arizona gets an annual snow fall of 300-400 inches—it makes for great riding conditions,” he explains.

And Kent, like many of his brothers, is a die-hard Buckeyes fan.

“We made it to the Fiesta Bowl this year to witness an embarrassing turnout by the team,” he says, “but hopefully with the new incoming offensive coordinator, the team will improve their offensive strategy and once again dominate the offensive line of scrimmage.”

Today, Kent works in the construction industry, specifically in the mechanical segment, as a technical salesman selling specialized Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) products and solutions. He also sells wireless control systems for decentralized environments such as schools, churches, offices, etc. Kent lives in Goodyear, Arizona with his wife, Cindy, and their two rescue Labs, Nika and Iris.