Undergrads Stepping Up, Setting an Example on Campus

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The last few years may have brought some challenges to our chapter, but we are happy to share that the undergrad chapter has made significant strides to overcome them.

Now, the undergrads are taking their commitment to each other as brothers seriously and are working hard to set an example for others across campus.

Here are just a few facts to prove it:

Over the years, the pledge classes have not only continued the tradition of excellent quality, but have exceed expectations in terms of quantity, growing from 17 in spring 2015, to 26 in spring 2016, and now 30 in spring 2017.
The undergrads continued a strong tradition of philanthropy on March 25 with the annual Fight Night. The event—starring fighters from four other fraternities, one from ROTC, and one from the OSU Boxing Club—raised over $3,500 for the ALS Association.
The chapter achieved a 3.08 GPA this fall, coming in above several other fraternities on campus. Academic performance has been a key focus area, as scholarships are dependent upon success in the classroom.

Looking ahead, the chapter hopes to recruit 15 members this fall and 35 members in spring 2018. They’ll be hosting events such as house tours, basketball games, poker tournaments, and more! If you know someone who either might benefit from membership in Phi Delta Theta or who you believe may fit into our culture and enjoy the camaraderie of the chapter, send their name and why you’re recommending them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..