A Look at Phi Delta Theta National

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Though we primarily focus on news from our own chapter, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the state of our national organization.

You’ve probably heard of “Phi Delt 2020,” the 10-year plan initiated by headquarters in 2010 that outlines goals and operational objectives.

Why should you care about Phi Delta 2020? Simple: Ohio Zeta, though one small part of Phi Delta Theta, plays an important role in this plan. And Phi Delta Theta’s overall health and longevity depends upon our ability to keep our chapters on the right path. We all, no doubt, share the same desire to see our fraternity live on.

So please take a moment to look through the 2016-17 progress report. You’ll see five new undergraduate chapters were installed during the academic year, 5,358 new members have been initiated into Phi Delta Theta, and many more measurements of growth and success!