The Immeasurable Impact PDT Had on Jack Luce ’65

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When John “Jack” Luce joined Phi Delta Theta at Ohio State in 1959, he was a shy, introverted 18-year-old. Those four years with his fellow Phi Delts changed everything.

“I graduated as an extroverted young man,” he says, proudly. “This change helped me immeasurably in my business and real estate careers.”

After becoming an active member of the fraternity in the spring of 1961, Jack’s major in engineering earned him the role of house manager to maintain the electrical and plumbing systems in the house. Though this was the only position he held, he was also on several committees.

With such positive experience under his belt, it’s no surprise that Jack has stayed active in Phi Delta Theta.

His 20-year career in the corrugated box industry in various engineering, management, and sales positions—followed by a 30+ years as a realtor in California—has certainly kept him busy, but he hasn’t forgotten about good old Phi Delt.

“I love this fraternity that I have been associated with for 57 years,” he says.

And it certainly shows!

Jack has been a member of the Orange County Alumni Club for 25 years; was on the convention committee when the convention was held in Marina Del Rey, California; was a member of the advisory board of California Rho at the University of La Verne for 10 years; and occasionally filled in at California Pi at San Diego State University when the chairman of the advisory board was unable to attend the chapter meeting.

“I am now privileged to have served the fraternity as Province President of Omicron South since 2012,” he adds.

When he’s not busy with his real estate career and volunteering for Phi Delta Theta, Jack enjoys spending time with his family. He’s been married for over 47 years and together, he and his wife have two grown children and four grandchildren.