The Story Behind the Picture

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In our August eLetter we published this 1970 class photo--one of the most unique of all yearbook pictures in Ohio Zeta's history. It even features Mom Sandberg!

Thank you to Jim Phipps '72 for answering our call and sharing some of the background behind the photo.

He writes, "It was inspired by the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper Album cover. Most of the other fraternities showed up with blazers and regimental striped ties. Phi Delts always wanted to be different and stand apart from the crowd. We were told to dress outrageously. I think we succeeded. I am in the back row, fifth from the right."

Can anyone else in this picture share their memories from this unforgettable photo shoot? We encourage brothers from all eras to share their best memories and stories in the online photo albums or alumni updates section.