Why Do You Give to Ohio Zeta?

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Some Thoughts On Why We Still Give

Ohio Zeta thanks all of the Brothers who have given to our organization in the past. Have you ever asked yourself why you give? Is it part of your charitable routine? Do you believe in affording the next generation of young men with the same experience you had with Ohio Zeta? Whatever the case, we thank you. Here are some reasons we collected from past surveys of other Phi Delta Theta members from OSU and from Chapters around the country about why they have and continue to give back to our organization:

"When I was an undergraduate at OSU, I was shy and and could have been overwhelmed by being at such a large school. But when I joined the fraternity at Ohio Zeta, it gave me a sense of belonging. As the years went by I made great friends and have countless memories of the good times we had. The fellowship I experienced during those years meant so much to me, more than I can begin to explain. Now that I am in a position to support the fraternity, I gladly do so. Not only do I support Ohio Zeta but annually contribute at least $1,000 to the Phi Delta Theta Education Fund. Also I'm on the Chapter Advisory Board for the Cal Rho Chapter at the University of La Verne in California. In my opinion, if the fraternity did not mean anything to you, then you have no continuing obligation. But if you were one of the lucky ones, then you need to give back not the same as but greater than the fraternity was transmitted to you"

"The reason that I support the Annual Fund is "guilt." When I lived at 1942 Iuka I was the Treasurer for two out of my three years. As Treasurer, I was able to extort extra helpings of food from our cook, Gladys "Baby" Bristol, and cajoled extra cleaning services from our Houseman, Don. Never did I pay for those extras. So now I give to re-pay them. If I feel any more guilty, maybe I'll give a little more."

"The bonds and brotherhood made at Phi Delta Theta have given me a foundation of relationships invaluable to my future.  I want to continue a rich and rewarding tradition to the future of the house."

"Phi Delta Theta has left a positive impact on my life. I made close friends and shared many experiences that I will never forget. I support the annual fund to give something back to the Fraternity that made an impact on my life."

"I have always attributed my "growning up" at college to my interactions with my fellow fraternity members. I learned a lot about life and how to deal with the many challenges facing a young person making the transition from high school to college life. In addition I look back fondly on my many memories associated with this fraternity experience. I have kept touch with a number of my class members over the years. Not surprisingly, many have had very productive and successful careers. It seems to me that it is all of our responsibilities to provide financial support to help others enjoy the same benefits that we experienced."

So what are YOUR reasons? Let us know here.