Ohio Zeta Photo Flashback

Ohio Zeta Photo FlashbackRe-Visiting 1976 Phi Delta Theta

This month we are taking the photo time machine back to 1976 at Ohio State; a gallon of gas was $.59, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," "Rocky" and "Taxi Driver" premiered in theaters , The Steelers won the Super Bowl, Elton John and The Bay City Rollers were all over the radio and Gerald Ford was in office...but where were YOU that year?

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Fundraising Update - June 2018

Fundraising Update - June 20182017-18 Annual Giving Year

Thank you to all alumni donors who have already made their gift for the 2017-18 annual fund. As a reminder, the annual fund runs from September 1 through August 31 each year, and supports alumni communications and events, house renovations, and chapter resources on a yearly basis.

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Who Was Your Wing Man?

Who Was Your Wing Man?Tell Us About Your Partner In Crime Back in the Day!

Brothers....We all have one or HAD one when we were in college. The guy who always had your back, helped you out when no one else would, knew all of your angles without needing an explanation, covered for you, backed-up your exaggerated stories and played along with your pitches to women at the bar. Who is the best “wing man” you ever had?

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